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Nature di Luce

Workshop 2021

The goal of the Nature di Luce project is to design a chandelier that can host a self-sufficient ecosystem where plants can live in a closed environment.

We have joined with three departments from the University of Padova to accomplish this: Biology and Botanical Garden to study the plants’ benefits, properties, life necessities and biodiversity; TESAF - Agriculture for the management of water and the maintenance of the plants; and Communication to facilitate powerful storytelling connected to the Orto Botanico.

After a year in standby, we managed to run the initial phase with a three day workshop.

On the first day, students had the chance to visit traditional chandelier producers in Murano and got to visit the natural environment of the lagoon. For the second and third days, students were hosted at Villa Parco Bolasco. Separating into groups, they were asked to design possible prototypes to be developed in the second phase.

Project creators: LagunaB, University of Padova

With the support of: Orto Botanico di Padova, Villa Parco Bolasco

Thank you to professors Livio Trainotti, Lucia Bortolini, Maria Cristina Villani, Carlo Calore

Thank you to Alberto Furtack

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