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Nature di Luce

The Nature di Luce project involved students from the University of Padova in the design process of a chandelier that could host a self-sufficient plant ecosystem in closed environments.

Step 1 - Workshop

The first step of the project consisted in a 3-days workshop during which students visited traditional chandelier producers in Murano. They later designed a first prototype of a plant-growing chandelier, to be developed afterwards.

Step 2 - Research

The second phase of Nature di Luce consisted of creating the final prototype of a chandelier capable of hosting and supporting plant growth.

For the prototype, we commissioned a research project carried out by a student and researcher at the Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry of the University of Padova. The study involved designing and examining solutions for the irrigation system, testing soil compositions, and selecting plant species based on criteria such as: lighting, irrigation and nutritional needs; ease of maintenance; ability to thrive indoors; and air purification capabilities.

The project’s next evolution will include site-specific versions of the chandelier, to be installed in Padua Botanical Garden.