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Autonoma Next brings together high school students of different backgrounds and nationalities to nurture talent and create lasting relationships within the global community of young glass enthusiasts.

2020 - Close Distance

Participants honed their collaboration skills by designing their ideal table sets. Despite not being able to travel to Murano due to the COVID-19 crisis, they also learned from glass maestro Lino Tagliapietra’s decades of wisdom and experience, thanks to a 50-minute documentary produced by Laguna~B Media.

2022 - Paint the World

For the Paint the World program, young artists Laila, Emma and Sofia — together with Abate Zanetti’s 3rd and 4th year students Dorotea, Samuele, Melissa and Yadali — developed a site-specific installation for the courtyard of the high school in Murano. Created during a 5-day workshop, the installation embodies Autonoma’s goal of fostering creative connections and cultural enrichment, building up relationships that last well into the future.