Mission LAGUNA B:

“You have one business on earth, to save souls.” This quotation by John Wesley has always been in the back of LagunaB mind. “ Our business”is to communicate and work with Murano and Venice on projects that keep alive it’s great glass industry, unrivaled for centuries. We want to make Murano and Venice an international meeting point and a creative factory for artists and people worldwide.



One of our main ambitions for the future is Education, (the key word for “saving souls”) that is why we started this 360°collaboration with Pilchuck school of Glass. We want to give the students involved in the project the opportunity of discovering  what Murano is still  capable to offer and imagining new links between Murano and the rest of the world.This project was supported by LagunaB and a group of factories who strongly believe that in way to be competitive is necessary to open the doors to the outside world and share their techniques in way to not loose them. We planed a 360° experience with the ambition of giving a wide view on the many techniques used in Murano, in order to do that the student have been working three mornings, with the maestros, in each of the five factories involved. They also have two afternoons a week to experiment what they learn or make their inspired pieces. We also put together extra activities linked with Glass and Venice. Hoping that one day maybe they will move to Venice




We believe that Venice and Murano have an incredible cultural heritage and know-how when it comes to glassmaking. Our mission is to preserve and disseminate this incredible tradition, and at the same time, enrich it further with a diversity of techniques and ideas. To do so, we our focusing our efforts on an educational exchange program with The Pilchuck Glass School, with the intention of creating an international hub for artists and designers from all over the world. We would like to create a place and give an opportunity to all who want to discover what Murano is, and what the glass tradition is still capable of offering here, thereby creating a new link between the “tradition and the modernity”, between Murano and the rest of the world of glass.


The goal for the second iteration of AUTONOMA & ACSTVM is to lay a foundation for an enduring fellowship program. Building on the success of this year’s pilot program – where three students toured and worked in Murano’s glass factories for several weeks, we are making changes to the structure of the program in an effort to foster an even more enriching experience for all the participants.

The program will continue to showcase the rich glass-making tradition of Murano, but will have a much larger practical component this time. Instead of touring factories, the participants will spend two weeks working in a glass factory under the expert tutelage of Andy Paiko. The program will also host double the students (six), and will be themed, both in practice and theory, around the re-interpretation of classical Rezzonico Chandeliers. The students will be able to design and produce glass objects assisted by some of the most prestigious Maestros of Murano. They will also have opportunities to engage with experts in the field through lectures and tours, culminating in what we hope is a complete immersion in the unique glassmaking culture of Murano.